Techable - Our Focus

Techable focuses on start-ups and growth companies with strong identifiable patented technology. These companies can be built organically through partnering with founders and management. Our policy is simple: Invest in debt-free, non-leveraged businesses where we can ensure a certain degree of shareholder and management support toward the successful development of these holdings.


We Believe in Growth!

Techable is privately owned company working on turning ideas into reality with a co-investing along with like minded entrepreneurs. We focus on early stage funding rounds in technology, life sciences and high-end leisure companies. Our investments are in sectors that we understand and have historical experience. We assist companies in building their infrastructure and management teams to facilitate growth.

As a company that operates globally, we're deliberate in our commitment to using our resources responsibly. We actively pursue effective ways to reduce or offset our environmental impact.

Our Services

Techable have invested in and hold strategic positions in the following areas:

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